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Full STEAM Ahead

By Michelle Carrera-Foster & Cheyenne Smith, Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center Teachers It has been an exciting learning experience this past year in the Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center!  We have enhanced our curriculum by infusing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) through our partnership with Cherry Hill’s Destination…

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Speeding up Metabolism: What Can You Do?

By Allyson Mitidieri, JCC Nutritionist You have heard it before: A slow metabolism leads to weight gain and poor health. You’ve seen the advertisements for metabolism-boosting supplements, teas, juices, and diets. You may have even tried them all, but you still have not shed those last five pounds. What gives?…

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Jumpstart Your Health On The Right Track

By: Allyson Mitidieri, Katz JCC Nutritionist Turn a page in a magazine, change the TV channel, or listen to a friend’s conversation, and what do you read, see, and hear? The next diet craze that “actually works”, what is healthy and what is not, and other information on how you…

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The JCC Really Is The Best!

By Amanda Halliwell, JCC Membership Director It is so amazing to be a part of an organization whose programs and services are recognized as the best in our community, year after year.  I am so fortunate to work at the JCC for almost 20 years now, and I constantly say…

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