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Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture

Katz JCC Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture

Sunday, November 5 – Sunday, November 12, 2017

Join us for our 28th annual Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture featuring best-selling authors, entertainers and public figures! Special appearances by: New York Times best selling author Alice Hoffman, acclaimed comedian Carol Leifer and America’s Got Talent popular entertainer Oz Pearlman just to name a few. PLUS popular TV and movie actor, 3 time Grammy nominee, medical guru of The Dr. Oz Show, business geniuses and award winning authors.

Our annual luncheon is Thursday, Nov. 9 at 12:30pm featuring NBC Today’s Jeff Rossen.  Every morning, millions of Americans watch Jeff explain how to solve our most pressing and harrowing problems, such as how to put out a kitchen fire, find bedbugs, avoid rip-offs, and even how to survive a plane crash. In his book, Rossen to the Rescue, he includes daring experiments, expert advice, and game plans for handling all the wild cards in life—big and small—while sharing personal, and sometimes embarrassing, anecdotes that he couldn’t share on television.

Nicole’s Krauss, author of Forest Dark, has rescheduled her appearance at the festival to Sunday, Nov. 12 at 1:30pm.

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