Festival of ABC FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

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🟣 When will the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture take place?

The Festival will be November 8-19, 2020.

Is the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture virtual?

Yes, the entire Festival has gone virtual! Enjoy all author presentations via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

🟣 Are any author events being held at the Katz JCC?

Not this year. Our entire Festival is virtual and being held via Zoom!

Are tickets per household?

Yes! All tickets for the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture are household tickets. You do not need to buy a ticket for each individual in your home.

🟣 I am a JCC Member and I do not see the option to purchase a JCC Member ticket, why?

To receive JCC Member pricing, you must enter the access code. Please see the original email sent from the Katz JCC to all active members, this email includes the access code.

If you are still having difficulty locating this code, please email Jackie Robinson at [email protected]

I need help purchasing my tickets online. Who can I contact?

Please contact our Festival Concierge Service at (856) 424-4444 ext. 1114 or ext. 1260 or Jackie Robinson atΒ [email protected] with any Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture event questions and/or help with online registration.

🟣 Can I come to the Katz JCC to buy tickets?

Not this year. The Adult Department is still closed and staff is not in the office. Please purchase all tickets online and if you need assistance, please call our Festival Concierge Service (856) 424-4444 ext. 1114 or ext. 1260.

What are the perks of buying a Patron Ticket? To view all Patron Perks, click here!

🟣 Are Festival Preview Events included with my Patron ticket?

Yes! All Patron ticket holders will also receive access to the October Festival Preview events. Festival Preview Events are not included with a Series Ticket.

Why do I see a service fee when purchasing a ticket online?

Tickets are sold through the Showclix website, and they charge a service fee for each ticket. Thank you for understanding.

🟣 When will I get the Zoom link for my event?

  • You will receive the Zoom link 24 hours prior to the program.
  • You will also receive the link 1 hour prior to the program.
  • If you purchased a ticket and do not see the link in your inbox within the 24 hour window, please check your SPAM folder. If you still do not see it, please email Jackie Robinson at [email protected].
  • If your initial ticket purchase is within the 24 hour period before the program begins, you will only receive one email, 1 hour prior to the program.

I do not want to check the box that says, “I want to receive updates about this event, as well as info about upcoming events and promotions.” – Do I have to?

This is our way of assuring that you want to receive the event’s Zoom link, both 24 hours and 1 hour prior to each event! If you do not check this box, you will not receive these emails.

🟣 How do we access the discussions?

All of the ABC Events will be held via Zoom. Your email with the Zoom link will also include the Meeting ID number and password, which you can enter on the Zoom website or the Zoom App, should the link not be working correctly.

The email will also provide telephone numbers, so that you can participate by calling in via telephone.

I do not have an email. Can I still access the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture?

Yes! The Zoom platform offers the ability to dial in from your telephone to any of the Festival events. Please call (856) 424-4444 ext. 1114 or ext. 1260 to receive the dial in information.

🟣 Will the presentations be interactive? Will there be an opportunity for questions and answers?

  • The author presentations will include an opportunity for Q&A toward the end of the presentation.
  • If you have a question for one of the authors, please email that question at least 48 hours in advance to [email protected].
  • Make the subject of the email β€œAUTHOR QUESTION FOR (Author Name)”.
  • Please indicate in your email if you are a Platinum or Gold Patron.
  • You can also submit questions via the Q&A feature on Zoom Webinar (Note: this is different from the Chat function). For security and time, we may need to curate questions to some extent.
  • Note: Platinum Patron ticket holders will have tier one priority for questions, and Gold Patron ticket holders will have tier two priority for questions (submitted in advance).
  • We may not be able to get to all questions in the time frame of the author presentation. Thank you for understanding.

The system will only allow me to purchase one ticket. Can I purchase a ticket for a friend or family member?

Each ticket order is associated with an email. To purchase a ticket for someone else, please complete this in a separate order with your friend or family member’s unique email address. This is to ensure that everyone receives emails with the Zoom link included.

🟣 Can I purchase tickets or a subscription as a gift for someone outside my household?

Yes! Tickets for The Festival of Arts, Books and Culture are a very thoughtful gift. To do this, when you check out, you must enter the recipient’s email address. Unfortunately, this means that the full payment receipt will go to the recipient, but this is how email addresses are collected for distribution of the Zoom links. We regret the inconvenience and hope you will still consider giving this festival as a gift!

What JCCs are part of the National JCC Literary Consortium?

The National JCC Literary Consortium includes the JCCs of Atlanta, Baltimore, Boulder, Cherry Hill, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, Memphis, Miami, Rochester, St. Louis, Palm Beach, Palo Alto, and Seattle. All National JCC Literary Consortium events are presented through the MJCCA, Marcus JCC Atlanta.

🟣 Which Festival events are held in conjunction with the National JCC Literary Consortium?

Where can I buy books from the Festival Authors?

  • Our Virtual Book Store is run by our partner, Inkwood Books. To visit the virtual bookstore, go to Inkwoodnj.com/abc.
  • For events held through the National JCC Literary Consortium, books can be purchased through Showclix and are bundled with the price of each event ticket.

🟣 I bought a book, when will I receive it?

All books will be shipped from our partner, Inkwood Books on the day of the event. Please allow 4-7 days for delivery due to postal service delays.

I am a Patron or Series ticket holder and I had to miss one of the events. Can I view the presentation at a later date?

Yes! As a Patron or Series ticket holder, you will be able to access recordings of author sessions within one week of the author presentation. Please send an email to [email protected] to assure that you receive the recording.

🟣 What are the savings if I buy a Series Ticket vs. purchase a ticket for each individual author presentation?

  • JCC Members that purchase a Series Ticket will see a savings of $60 total
  • Guests that purchase a Series Ticket will see a savings of $30 total.

I have questions about the Art Gallery events for the Festival of Arts, Books and Culture. Who do I contact?

Please contact Sharon Siegel at (856) 424-4444 ext. 1297 for all Art Gallery questions.

🟣 Who do I contact if I am having technical issues the night of events?

Please contact our Festival Concierge Service at (856) 424-4444 ext. 1114 or ext. 1260. When leaving a voicemail, please include a phone number so that we can give you a call back as quickly as possible.

Additional questions?

Don’t see the answer to a question here? Please email Jackie Robinson at [email protected]. We will get back to you within 24 hours.