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Swim Lesson Options

Swim Lesson Options

The JSplash Swim School offers a variety of swim lesson options. Our core purpose is to teach everyone to be water safe and teach proper swimming techniques.  


Bubble Babies (6 Months – 3 Years Old)

The Bubble Babies class will get your child comfortable in an aquatic environment and provide the foundation for water safety and independent swimming.  

A parent or adult your child is comfortable with is required to be in the water during these classes. 

All children under 36 months who are not potty trained must use a swim diaper under their swim suits. These are available for purchase at our aquatics office. 

Bubble Toddlers (3-4 Years Old)

This transition course focuses on building your child’s confidence with the water and decreasing separation anxietyBubble Toddlers will also prepare students for our preschool programs 

Pre-School Programs (3-5 Years Old)

Little Waders is designed for preschool aged children of all skill levels made to accommodate a wide range of abilities. These classes do not include a parent in the water with the child.   

JWaves Kids (6-12 years old)

JWaves Kids consists of five levels that helps your child gain confidence in the water and evolve into a great swimmer. 

Teen and Adult Lessons

This class is designed for beginner, intermediate students with no or some prior swimming experience. This class is designed to introduce teens and adults to the aquatic environment while introducing basic skills that will lead to independent, forward progression in the water.

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For more information contact Svetlana Barker, Aquatics Director at sbarker@jfedsnj.org or (856) 424-4444 x1144. 

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