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Oh the Places You’ll Go at the Kids Triathlon

by Gene Bonetti, Fitness Director and organizer of the Kids Triathlon. What is it like when you feel a sense of accomplishment, especially when you’re between the ages of 6-13 years old?  Is it the pride you might feel when you’ve climbed the highest mountain? The joy of getting an A on that impossible math … Continued

Wishing You a Meaningful Passover

By Michele Meyer, Early Childhood Staff Passover is one of my favorite holidays.  Each holiday holds something special to me, but the reason I love Passover so much is because it is filled with traditions.  I collect Seder plates and have them displayed all around my home.  For Passover I always use the same Seder … Continued

Purim is More Than Costumes

by Sabrina Spector, Katz JCC Cultural Director Purim is such a fun holiday filled with laughter, great food, music, costumes and lots of candy.  To the general public, it almost looks as if it is the Jewish version of Halloween.  Halloween is a great holiday according to every kid and dentist across the nation but … Continued

America’s Dad, As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

By Ellen Lowenberger, JCC Big Event Co-Chair Remember back in the 90’s when you’d watch an episode of Full House and Bob Saget’s character, Danny Tanner, would have a heartfelt talk at the end of each episode with one of his daughters? He’d offer sincere advice, tell them he loved them, and each talk would … Continued

Reflecting on MLK Day 2019

by Sara Sideman, JCC Camps at Medford Associate Director I have always found MLK Day to be one of the most meaningful days of the year for volunteer work.  As someone who has spent more than 10 years working with teenagers in JCCs, I have run many days of service and volunteer work.  I have … Continued

Thinking about the New Year

by Les Cohen, Jewish Community Center Executive Director Welcome to 2019! I imagine many of you have made new year resolutions. Well…good luck.  When we make a promise or a resolution to do better it’s up to us to hold ourselves accountable.  Some people make lists and others engage the help of family and friends … Continued

Always Learning, Always Growing!

By JCC Camps at Medford Staff:  Beth Segal, JCC Camps at Medford Director & JCC Assistant Director and Sara Sideman, JCC Camps at Medford Assistant Director Just like our campers spend their off-season from camp in school, our team at the JCC Camps at Medford spends the winter months learning how to continue to be … Continued

Loving the J & #GivingTuesday

by Serena Franks, Katz JCC Digital Marketing Coordinator This year, I volunteered as a server for our Adult Meal Program Thanksgiving dinner.  As I handed adults their plates of turkey with holiday fixings on the side, I said, “Happy early Thanksgiving”.  My sing-song voice was always met with smiles and thank you’s.  Giving my time … Continued

From Nothing to Something, After-School at the J is a Boredom Buster

By Greg D’Amico, Katz JCC Children and Family Director When you’re a kid, every summer matters. I remember those days like yesterday- the beach, the baseball field, endless sunsets outside with my best friends in the world. It seemed like back-to-school would never show it’s face- until it did. Back-to-school prep is a beautiful combination … Continued

It’s August…Camp’s Over…Or Is It?!

By Beth Segal, JCC Camps at Medford Director We’re in the thick of Summer 2018 here at JCC Camps at Medford!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiling faces of all our campers, having the summer of their lives.  We work all year round to ensure Camp is the most incredible experience for every … Continued