FACILITY UPDATE: The basketball gyms will be closing at 2pm on Saturday, September 21 to prepare for the Bump2Baby Expo. The gym will reopen on Monday, September 23 at 5am. Thank you for your understanding.

Jewish Life

Passover Family Favorites

By: Stephanie Dworkin, Marketing Director I love spending the Jewish holidays with my family.  We are small but tight-knit, and that’s what makes us family!  I am fortunate to spend the holidays with both mine and my husband’s family- his is much larger and MUCH louder than mine! One of…

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MLK, Jr. Day: A Day of Service

By Sara Sideman, JCC Camps at Medford Assistant Director The relationship between Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel has made a lasting impact on the passion of the Jewish community when it comes to social justice.  Both men were great leaders in their own right.  We all know…

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What Chanukah Means To Me

By: Jill Cogan, Judaic Coordinator The days are shorter, the leaves have fallen, and we are starting to bundle up for winter which means – Chanukah is around the corner! This time of year is filled with rich traditions and time spent with family, which makes me think about some…

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The World of JCC's

By: Les Cohen, Executive Director Last year I traveled to Israel and was part of a group of 25 JCC’s from around the world. And recently I traveled with a group of JCC leaders to Baltimore to collaborate with 600 JCC professionals and leaders to discuss the business of JCC’s.…

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