The Katz JCC is REOPEN today with limited capacity. The following spaces are closed for maintenance; track, gymnasium, spas/ private locker rooms and bagel spot. Thank you for you patience and understanding.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Whether you are looking to be inspired, learn more about Jewish culture or be entertained – the Katz JCC is the perfect place to attend one of our special cultural events! We are home to a nationally recognized Jewish film festival, and arts & culture festival as well as a destination for prominent Jewish literary, cultural and political personalities who engage and motivate. All of our events provide you the opportunity to socialize and expand your knowledge.

Jewish Film Festival of the Katz JCC

Our annual Jewish Film Festival of the Katz JCC is the most ideal way to share our passion for Judaic movies. The big-screen experience provides an irreplaceable pleasure and opportunity to view these films.  To learn more about the festival, click HERE.

Save the date: July 17 – 24, 2022

Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture

The Festival of Arts, Books and Culture is always a highlight in the Katz JCC’s year.  This year, in appreciation of your amazing  support we have added one-day mini-festival entitled “A Taste of ABC!”   Plan to be with us, Sunday, February 27, from 1-5pm, when we will hear from four authors of new books.

Topics include:

  • A look back to the beginnings of the Philadelphia Flyers and at the amazing entertainment offerings of our beloved SPECTRUM
  • Learning about career change from the world of Public Relations to the Rabbinate
  • A deep dive into the Shabbat prayers
  • A visit with a TV film critic who will regale us with stories about movie stars, writers and directors from his 50 years of interacting with these luminaries!

To register for “A Taste of ABC”CLICK HERE

Katz JCC Cultural Events: Gourmet Wine & Dine

The Forum

An interactive and engaging night of Jewish Learning is an incredible night to celebrate Jewish teachings and life. During this night, dozens of classes will be offered by community educators, clergy, and learning enthusiasts will fill the night with a wide array of topics. Try one of the many hands on interactive classes such as Jewmba (Jewish version of Zumba), Beer and Chocolate Tasting, join a Babka cooking demonstration, or take part in an engaging discussion.

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