The Mezuzah Project

After 20 years, in our current home at the Weinberg Jewish Community Campus, the JCC is dedicated to ensuring every door frame in the building has a mezuzah affixed to it.

A mezuzah is an important visible symbol in a Jewish building such as a JCC.  it designates our building as Jewish and reminds those who visit us every day of our connection to G‑d and our Jewish heritage.

G‑d promises that anyone who carefully observes the mitzvah of mezuzah will lead a longer, richer life, as will their descendants, as Deuteronomy states, “So that you will prolong your days and the days of your children.”

When passing through a doorway where a mezuzah has been affixed, we glance at it and touch it. Some people then kiss their fingertips. This serves as a reminder throughout the day that G‑d is always with us, inside or outside our homes.

Please give generously to ensure that the JCC can replace and add mezuzot to every doorframe in our building.  Your donation will ensure a beautiful mezuzah will be displayed for generations to come.  Download the Mezuzah Project form (PDF).