Honor A Loved One

Honor A Loved One

Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center Legacy WallSari Isdaner Early Childhood Center at the Katz JCC Legacy Wall

The Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center at the Katz JCC is an award winning program for children 6 weeks old through 6 years old. A beautifully painted mural by a local artist, which serves as our Legacy Wall, is in the center of our early childhood center. You can make a donation in recognition of your child, grandchild or your own experience on a personalized plaque that will be displayed on the wall. Proceeds of the Legacy Wall benefit the Early Childhood Endowment Fund that will ensure we continue to enrich the lives of young children for year to come. Download the Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center Legacy Wall form (PDF) or register online.

JCC Camps at Medford Friendship Fence

Support our award winning JCC Camps at Medford through our Friendship Fence, consisting of 3 foot high wooden silhouettes of campers linked hand-in-hand throughout camp. You can dedicate a silhouette on the fence in honor of the camper or campers in your family, commemorate a special milestone or event or even to remember your own experience at camp. Download the JCC Camps at Medford Friendship Fence form (PDF).

Literacy League & Bookplate Program

Katz JCC: Honor A Loved OneThe Sanders Memorial Library, located on the first floor of the Katz JCC, is one of the only Jewish libraries open to everyone in the South Jersey community. Looking for the perfect gift? Honor a loved one, commemorate a life cycle milestone, or celebrate a birthday by dedicating a book for everyone to enjoy through our Bookplate program. Download the Sanders Memorial Library Bookplate Program form (PDF).

Support the Sanders Memorial Library through our Literacy League, an endowment fund created to ensure the legacy of the library for years to come.  Your contributions at any level, will allow the library to continue to add to its vast collection of books, add programming for all ages and to continue flourish as a meeting place for all ages.  A minimum donation of $18, the donor will receive a bookplate to be inscribed in a book of their choosing!

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