IVNation at the Katz JCC

IV NATION mobile hydration katz jccIVNation, New Jersey’s premier mobile IV therapy company, is now located in the JCC Fitness Center.  IVNation was created by a group of emergency medicine physicians and nurses whose years of experience managing the sickest of patients on the front lines led to their passion for and commitment to promoting and delivering wellness, hydration and recovery to the public.   IVNation’s staff of licensed and experienced medical professionals combine treatments and techniques practiced in ERs with the most up to date nutritional and hydration therapies, now offered in the comfortable setting of the JCC.

Services offered include:

  • Intravenous hydration therapy
  • Vitamin and anti-aging infusions and antioxidant boosters like the highly desirable B12 shots
  • Treatments for acute and chronic illnesses like migraines, muscle cramps, stomach bugs, flu symptoms and inflammatory pain syndromes
  • Cutting edge NAD+ infusions which offer benefits for anti-aging, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and neurocognitive function

Stop in during business hours to discuss which treatment may be best or to have a quick and complimentary blood pressure check.
Office hours begin Sunday, February 2!

To make an appointment or learn more, please call (856) 281-7134 or visit www.ivnation.com.