IVNation at the Katz JCC

IV NATION mobile hydration katz jccIVNation, New Jersey’s premier mobile IV therapy company, is now located in the JCC Fitness Center.  IVNation was created by a group of emergency medicine physicians and nurses whose years of experience managing the sickest of patients on the front lines led to their passion for and commitment to promoting and delivering wellness, hydration and recovery to the public.   IVNation’s staff of licensed and experienced medical professionals combine treatments and techniques practiced in ERs with the most up to date nutritional and hydration therapies, now offered in the comfortable setting of the JCC.

Services offered include:

  • Intravenous hydration therapy
  • Vitamin and anti-aging infusions and antioxidant boosters like the highly desirable B12 shots
  • Treatments for acute and chronic illnesses like migraines, muscle cramps, stomach bugs, flu symptoms and inflammatory pain syndromes
  • Cutting edge NAD+ infusions which offer benefits for anti-aging, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and neurocognitive function

Why get an infusion?

The human body is comprised of 60% water. Water is crucial to every function in the body from cardiovascular and brain health, to regulating body temperature, all the way to simple muscle contractions and joint lubrication. During exercise, athletes lose approximately 1-3 liters of sweat per hour, with some peak athletes losing up to 4 liters per hour during heavy exertion. As we sweat, we are not only losing copious amounts of water but significant amounts of essential electrolytes and nutrients needed for proper cell function and repair.

When exercise leads to dehydration, it is almost impossible for athletes to perform at their peak due to fatigue, muscle cramping and lactic acid build up. Drinking water alone will not replace lost electrolytes and because water is absorbed in the lower portion of the small intestine, it may take a severely dehydrated athlete up to 48 hours to replace all of the water lost from an intense workout.

IV hydration therapy has been used by professional athletes for decades as the safest and fastest way to replace lost water and electrolytes back into the body. Studies show that over three quarters of professional athletes have received IV therapy before, during or after major competition. In as little as 30 minutes, you can reverse the debilitating effects of dehydration and lactic acidosis and be back to your workout at full strength without missing a rep. In addition to needed fluids and electrolytes, anti-inflammatory medications and high dose vitamins can be added to give you the edge you need to compete at peak form.

What else is offered?

Almost 30 billion dollars is spent annually in the US on vitamins and supplements with more than half of all adults taking at least one oral supplement daily. Unfortunately, studies have repeatedly shown that there is very little benefit to oral vitamins. They are not only unregulated and untested, but even the best vitamins achieve only around 25% absorption. This means that even if the vitamin you are taking is safe and pure, you are wasting 75% of it. Many vitamins and supplements can actually lead to liver and kidney failure, increase risks of cancer and cause heart disease. At IVNation, a board certified physician will do a full assessment of your health, diet and lifestyle and determine which vitamins your body actually needs and which it doesn’t. Then a registered nurse will deliver them directly into your blood stream with 100% absorption for instant effect. IVNation also offers several booster shots including the very popular boosters Vitamin B12 and  Vitamin C, as well as SLIM boosters to aid in fat burning and weight loss.

In addition to hydration and vitamin infusions, IVNation treats several other acute and chronic medical conditions like migraines, stomach issues, cold and flu and more. Anti-aging and rejuvenation infusions as well as drips that improve mood and mental clarity are also available. Plus if you partied a little too hard on the weekend, stop in Sunday morning for an instant hangover recovery drip.

Custom and personalized drips are available and if you cannot make Sunday mornings, alternative arrangements can be made.

Stop in during business hours to discuss which treatment may be best or to have a quick and complimentary blood pressure check.
Office hours begin Sunday, February 2!

To schedule an appointment or contact us with questions, please email IVNation at [email protected], visit www.ivnation.com. or call 856-281-7134.  Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are encouraged. Memberships are available upon request.