Kindergarten & Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten & Kindergarten Prep


Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center at the Katz JCC: KindergartenThe Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Center is a certified full day kindergarten program taught by certified teachers. The program prepares your child for first grade and beyond by using The Creative Curriculum®. We use to teach children core content including math, reading, literacy and science and in turn gain first grade readiness skills including cooperation, comprehension, problem-solving  and organization.

We incorporate , a curriculum basis for creative learning and problem-solving for kids through teamwork and academic STEAM challenges. We collaborate with the Camden County Educational Services Commission to screen each child for speech, literacy, and math skills and receive support where needed in these areas.

Students in our kindergarten program learn basic Hebrew throughout the school year.  Children will learn to identify letters, decode words and basic conversational skills. We incorporate Aleph Bet Yoga for Kids which teaches the Hebrew alphabet through movement.

Our classrooms are set up as learning centers where we use fun activities that engage each student. The students gain skills that are needed for first grade, including cooperation, comprehension, problem-solving and organization. Our teachers incorporate groups lessons in an interactive way by using the SmartBoards that equip each classroom.

Kindergarten Prep

Our Kindergarten Prep program is designed for children who are socially, emotionally and cognitively ready for kindergarten, but are not age eligible for kindergarten. This class offers kindergarten readiness with hands-on knowledge, skills and personalization for each child to reach their maximum level of achievement for moving onto kindergarten the following year.

“Every week I am more impressed with the math concepts taught in the Kindergarten program. My son knows how to use an abacus, count to 100 by 10s and 5s and 1s, knows each coin and how much it is worth and can add 3 numbers together. All of these concepts are well beyond Kindergarten, he has amazing teachers and my son’s level of understanding is way beyond my expectations.”