One on One Training

One on One Personal Training

The JCC offers several one-on-one personal training options beyond barbells and machines. Reach your fitness goals with a work-out regimen catered to your needs with help of one of our certified trainers. At the J, we also offer a variety of specialized training to fit the type of fitness that excites you, such as:

  • NEW! Functional Fitness: Do you have back, shoulder, knee or other joint weakness? A Functional Fitness Personal Trainer Specialist will develop a customized program specific to your fitness goals giving you motivation and accountability. Varied movements using assorted training equipment will give you more functional ability to do tasks for your everyday life.

  • Cancer Exercise Recovery and Beyond
  • Exercise Recovery
  • Partner Training
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Private CyclingKatz JCC Personal Training Cancer Recovery
  • Private TRX®
  • Private Yoga
  • Running Form and Stride Analysis
  • Sports Performance
  • Tai Chi

For more information, contact Jayne Miller-Morgan at [email protected] or call (856) 424-4444 x1140.