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Summer Specialty Camps at the JCC

By Bill Christy, JCC Sports & Leagues Director Summer is just around the corner – do you have plans for your young athlete, designer, magician or gamer? This summer the Katz JCC is proud to offer something for everyone with our vast array of partnerships with incredible camps! We know that full day or overnight … Continued

May is Water Safety Month

By Jared Kaufman, JCC Aquatics Director It’s hard to believe it’s already May and that summer is just around the corner! In just a few short weeks we are set to re-open our Summer Swim Club, which means it’s time to get back in the pool and ready for a summer of swimming. May is … Continued

Speeding up Metabolism: What Can You Do?

By Allyson Mitidieri, JCC Nutritionist You have heard it before: A slow metabolism leads to weight gain and poor health. You’ve seen the advertisements for metabolism-boosting supplements, teas, juices, and diets. You may have even tried them all, but you still have not shed those last five pounds. What gives? Metabolism encompasses all of the … Continued

Shaping up for Summer

By Gene Bonetti, JCC Fitness Director It’s so nice to still see daylight at 6:30pm, isn’t it? The sun brings not only brings warmth, but positive vibes to the brain and thoughts of what will be, because very soon, our wardrobes will be mostly comprised of shorts, tanks, bathing suits and sandals. As you daydream … Continued

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