Social & Recreational Programs

Social & Recreational Programs

The ACHaD Special Needs Department offers a variety of fun and engaging social and recreational programs throughout the year. These programs provide an outlet for individuals with special needs to make friends, take pride in themselves and make a positive impact in our community. Whether you are looking to build your creativity through art or music, a healthier mind and body through fitness and cooking or a way to stay connected to the community – the JCC offers something for everyone!

ProgramsKatz JCC ACHaD Special Needs Social and Recreational Programs

  • Adaptive Fitness
  • Art
  • Basketball
  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Music
  • Social Group
  • Swim Team
  • Theater

Registration for any programs and classes must be completed with one of our ACHaD Department staff members. Please contact the ACHaD Department at (856) 424-4444 x1204.

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