After-School Youth Programming 

Our vibrant afterschool programs, for youth ages five to twelve, offer thrilling adventures that stimulate the mind with JLab STEM classes and energize the body with JPlay sports and game activities. Get ready for an unforgettable and fun-filled afterschool experience.

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An enriching after-school program awaits! Kids can be bused from school if needed. They will enjoy a snack, choose from our JLab or JPlay classes, receive homework assistance, or engage in other exciting activities of the day. After all the fun, parents can pick up their child.

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Explore Our JLab Classes: Dive into STEM Learning!

Lego League
In this class, we will challenge your engineering skills by giving students a long-term task to create over multiple days and weeks. We will start with a basic concept and build a story and Lego city around it. It will include moving parts and lots of imagination! We will have a showcase to show off all we have accomplished.

Squid Games – JCC Edition
In this class, we will receive daily challenges with a new logic/strategic style game to add to our overall goal of creating the Ultimate Squid Games Finale. This will be showcased to include our friends and families’ participation. Students will participate in logic-style games and puzzles to win small prizes!

What’s my line again?
In this class, students will be given a concept and will then create a short play by making all the content, and costumes and by building the set. The students will strengthen their communication and team-building skills while letting their creativity soar! We will then present our play to our friends and families for them to enjoy!

Task Master – JCC
In this class, students will be given a seemingly impossible task to solve. This will allow them to problem-solve situations like they have never done before! They will team up and create tasks for one another, which will encourage teamwork and negotiation skills which are beneficial in everyday life. We will showcase several of the tasks created throughout the year so parents and families can participate

JPlay Classes

JPlay Classes

JPlay is what the Katz JCC calls our collective group of after-school enrichment programs! These programs are offered cross-departmentally for kids ages 3 to 11.

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