JPlay is what the Katz JCC calls our collective group of after-school enrichment programs! These programs are offered cross-departmentally for kids ages 3 to 11. Fall session begins in September and all classes will be offered during that period of time. In addition to coming to the JCC for any of our JPlay classes, you can also choose to stay all afternoon through our Just4Kids after-school program!



In this class, kids will work on learning the fundamentals of gymnastics. Practice balance, tumbling, better hand eye coordination, and learn/build new skills.

Ninja Warriors

In this class, kids will participate in obstacle course training with elements of gymnastics & parkour. Your child will increase their strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, impulse control, confidence, and ability to work in a group. Class may run inside or outside depending on weather conditions. The course is our playground outside as well as the field.

Little Dribblers and Dribblers Classes

Kids will learn and better their basketball skills. Learn to play as a team, dribble, run, shoot, and pass the ball.

Track & Field

Learn the basics of track! Long jump, high jump, hurdles, relay races and more. We will be in the gym and sometimes on the track.

Pixel Play

Get ready for a modern twist on staying fit that will leave kids eager to hit the “start” button on their next active adventure. Pixel Play brings classic games like Mario kart and Mario Party to life in a gym setting. Register now for epic battles with friends just like your favorite video games!

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