Get ready to seize your scientific curiosity, tackle technology, electrify your engineering skills and master mathematics in the JCC’s STEM Lab!

The  STEM Lab is an open and active environment that will excite and challenge students to build an understanding of the STEM platforms.  As people grow their knowledge and confidence to learn they can develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all area of their lives.

The Katz JCC STEM lab will provide people of all ages the benefits of an open and active learning platform that will demonstrate and encourage the belief that art, science and technology are the foundation from which everything in the world evolves and advances.

Classes will present ideas, topics and challenges that will allow students to develop the analytical and reasoning skills that will allow each student to understand each of the STEM platforms and use the knowledge gained with confidence.

Stay tuned for upcoming 2022 classes!

Build better robots! Before your machine can “run” you need to know about electricity, power, resistance, circuits, force, friction and more. We will wire and code lights, servos and sensors, plan and design solutions and gain an understanding of the technology that goes into building machines.

Questions about the JCC STEM Lab? Contact Michelle Carrera-Foster at 856-424-4444 x1243 or



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