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The JSplash Swim School at the Katz JCC in Southern New Jersey is a year-round learn-to-swim program designed for children as young as 8 weeks old through adults. Our mission is to teach swimmers of all ages and abilities the skills to be safe, comfortable and responsible in and around the water. Swimmers will learn survival skills through stroke development in an engaging, trusting and safe environment with highly trained staff.


About JSplash Swim School

JSplash Swim School creates a lifelong appreciation for swimming, fosters fluid progression of skill development, builds physical, mental and social skills in a small group setting, and forms long-lasting relationships. It features a confidence building curriculum for all children. There are many available classes with different levels that move at your child’s pace. Your swimmer will be placed in a level based on their ability in the water. Each class’s small group setting has no more than 4 children and runs in monthly sessions.
Our certified instructors are thoroughly trained by a JSplash Master Instructor, must pass comprehensive instructor exams in and out of the water, and are CPR and first aid certified.
For more information about the JSplash Swim School, please contact Svetlana Barker, Aquatics Director at (856) 485-9481 x1144 or the JSplash Staff at (856) 485-9481 x1730. Funded by the Charles A. and Ethyl Blumenfeld Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

JSplash Swim Lessons Hours

Monday – Wednesday: 4pm – 7pm
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: 4pm – 7pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 9am – 12pm

JSplash Office Hours

JSplash Office Hours

Monday – Wednesday: 3:30pm – 7pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 3pm – 7pm

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 9am – 12pm

Swimming Programs

The JSplash Swim School offers a variety of swim lesson options. Our core purpose is to teach everyone to be water safe and teach proper swimming techniques.

Register For Swim Lessons

The JSplash Swim School begins registration with a free evaluation class to introduce your child to our school and assess their comfort level in the pool. A student can enroll at any time during the year!

Our pricing structure is on a monthly basis that includes 1 lesson per week. For families who are JCC guests, there is a JSplash annual registration fee of $55 for guests/ $20 for members.

One-on-one private lessons are available and recommended primarily for those who have an extreme fear of the water, as well as swimmers who otherwise need special attention. Each class provides the one-on-one instruction needed for the swimmer to excel. To schedule, please contact Svetlana Barker at at 856-485-9481 X 1144.

Class Ages Student / Staff Ratio Class Length Full Member Basic Member Guest
Bubble Babies (Parent & Me)
Bubble Babies 1, 2,& 3
6 months - 3 years 10:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $88 $120
Little Waders 3-5 years 3:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $112 $140
Little Dippers 3-5 years 4:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $112 $140
Little Paddlers 3-5 years 4:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $112 $140
JWaves Kids
JWaves 1, 2, 3, & 4
6-12 years 3:1/4:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $112 $140
Teen & Adult Lessons 13 years & older 5:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $120 $180
Private Swim (package) Lessons 3 years & older 1:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $180 $224
Semi-Private (package) Lessons 3 years & older 2:1 25 minutes - 1x per week $140 $180

Lessons are 30 minutes each and are held once per week.
You can choose to enroll your child two times per week at a discounted rate, if you prefer!

Your child may participate in the same level for more than one session, and until they are comfortable in their abilities.  

Average sessions from for 4-weeks and are limited to 4 children in a class. 

We offer year-round swim lessons for all ages. Also, we believe swimming is a fun way to stay active throughout the year. Experienced students who are confident and comfortable in the water tend to remember how to swim even after a long break.

  • A safe, fun and patient approach to swim lessons
  • New participants are eligible for a complimentary swim lesson
  • Small group instruction maximizes the personal attention each child receives
  • Students are placed in a class that matches their skill level
  • Group lessons are offered 7 days a week with after school hours
  • We offer a full-sized lap pool with diving blocks for advanced swimmers
  • No JCC membership is required for participation
  • One make-up session allowed per month
  • 24-hour cancellation policy for private lessons only
  • We offer a 10% sibling discount
  • JSplash annual registration fee of $15/JCC Member Family and $50/Guest Family

Siblings receive a 10% discount on lesson fees. We also offer a 10% discount on children who take lessons more than once a week.

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