5 Reasons to Love Virtual Life Long Learning 360 Classes 

22 January, 2021

5 Top Reasons to Love Zoom Life Long Learning 360 Classes
By Sharon Siegel, Katz JCC Life Long Learning Director, Adult Program Director

Every day, I’m headed somewhere in my mind, even if in reality, I’m staying safe at home – Seville, Broadway, Central Asia and New York.  How do I do it? Through Life Long Learning 360!  Our new diverse selection of adult education courses truly offer something for everyone to discover the joy in learning.  We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes as well as Lunch & Learn experiences to fit your lifestyle and schedule.  

Still skeptical? Read on for my Top 5 reasons to join us in LLL360.

1. Hot? Rainy? Icy? Who Cares? You’re in the comfort of your home, and your favorite instructors make the house call!
In addition to our instructors you’ve come to love, you will now “meet” the top adult education instructors from across the country.  You’ll never have to think twice about that day’s weather affecting your attendance in class.  As long as you have your computer, tablet or phone, you’ve got a front-row seat to any class.

2. Snowbird, snowball or snowflake? You don’t have to miss a class!
With virtual learning, you can attend classes that interest you no matter where you are! While many classes are held live, others will be recorded so if you have a doctor’s appointment or another obligation during the scheduled class time, you can still keep up.  If you’re in Florida, don’t rub it in for those of us stick in the cold weather that is NJ in January…but enjoy the sunshine and take a class at the same time!

3. Invite your family and friends from around the country to learn with you!
With virtual learning, you can share the joy of learning with your family and friends outside our area. “Meet” for class and continue the conversation with friends, whether they’re down the street, across town, or in another time zone.

4. Experience the joy of learning in your sweatpants…we won’t tell!
You’ll have more time in your day without having to dress up, drive to the Katz JCC, find parking, check into the lobby, and search for your classroom. Virtual classes make learning easy! 

5. See your friends!
We know it’s been hard for many to miss out on the in-person gatherings the JCC provides.  If you’re missing out on that, join in on a class and see the folks you know and love.  It may be different, but it’s a great alternative.

Our expansive course offerings for February are now online! To see our current list of Life Long Learning classes
For assistance with registration and getting up to speed with Zoom, we’re here to help! Please contact Jackie Robinson at or 856-424-4444 x1114.

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