Age of Exploration

Instructor: Judy Okum

Pack your map and parka as we explore the incomparable worlds of Alaska and the Yukon. Through an examination of the Ice Age, megafauna, volcanoes, indigenous peoples, and exploration by Russia, Britain, and other European powers, we will chill with these fabulous and distant lands. Next, we will take a road trip from Juneau to Fairbanks along the Alaska Highway. Pack your astrolabe and hardtack as we examine the incredible European Age of Exploration, which began in the 15th Century. First, let’s investigate earlier maritime voyages of the Vikings, Chinese, and Arabians, all of which contributed to the motivation of western Europeans in crossing oceans and reaching strange, new worlds. Next, we will focus on the sea change which occurred when the Iberians ushered in this daring new era.


Date and Time: Friday, March 3, 24, & 31, 10:30am-11:45am

Cost: $30 JCC Member, $45 Guest

Link: Register Online


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