Bubble Babies

The Bubble Babies class will get your child comfortable in an aquatic environment and provide the foundation for water safety and independent swimming.  


A parent or adult your child is comfortable with is required to be in the water during these classes. 


All children under 36 months who are not potty trained must use a swim diaper under their swimsuits. These are available for purchase at our aquatics office. 


Learn More About Bubble Babies Levels:


Bubble Babies 1: Intro to Water (6-16 Months) 

Establishing early confidence and movement in the water, as well as accelerating the development of motor and survival skills.  

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Bubble Babies 2: Intro to Water (16-36 Months):  

Toddlers will learn basic skills including floating, submersion, and back floating.  This class will further excel basic water skills and comfort in the pool.  

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Bubble Babies 3: Water Comfort and Water Safety Basics (24-36 Months): 

Students work on swimming independently in 5+ feet, performing roll to float for survival, and returning back to the wall after falling in.  A large part of these lessons will focus on transitioning into independent lessons (without a parent or adult). 

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