Group Wellness Classes

Barre Above

Full body fusion workout with influences from ballet, yoga, Pilates and more. Use a variety of equipment to focus on large and small movements that challenge your muscular endurance, balance, core strength and postural alignment with low to no impact.

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Body Pump

Les Mills’ original barbell class supplies a full-body workout, choreographed to great music. Use light plates and high repetitions to train each muscle group in this fat burning weight training class.\

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BeFit Combo

Heart-healthy, low impact exercises energize your active lifestyle. Focus on building upper body and core strength as well as cardiovascular endurance by way of low weight, high repetition resistance moves.

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Cardio Kickboxing

Combination for cardio and kickboxing moves to burn calories and sculpt using light weights for a total body workout.

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Combination of drills, challenges and training exercises with variations in speed and resistance on stationary bikes, set to motivating music. Classes may feature interval, strength, endurance, tempo or a mix, so no two classes are identical. On-bike monitors can be used to track performance.

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Gentla Yoga

Enjoy a slow vinyasa/flow with assistance from block(s) and a strap. Perfect for those beginning their yoga journey or anyone looking for a relaxing practice.

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House Party Fitness

Throwback tunes and high-energy dance moves are the heart of this party! Add in light weights for toning plus a little mat-based core work, and you’ve got a unique mix that’s sure to leave you smiling and sweating.

Mat Pilates
Develop core strength and stability, and challenge postural muscles. May use a variety of props or just a mat.

Learn the basics of mindfulness to help you relax. This practice teaches you to distance yourself from your mind so you can relieve stress and cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Meditation & Movement
Learn the basics of mindfulness to help you relax, distancing yourself from your mind so you can relieve stress and cope with the challenges of everyday life. In this Silent class, you’ll wear a set of headphones to further enhance the focus on your meditation practice which combines mindfulness with gentle movement.

A holistic system of coordinated body postures plus movement, breathing, and meditation.

Sculpt & Tone
Build endurance and strengthen your upper body, lower body, and core muscles using a variety of equipment.

Spin & Sculpt
A combination of cycling, mixed with using light hand weights to tone the upper body during class.

Tai Chi
Move through a series of standing postures to reduce stress while improving balance, blood pressure, and bone density.

Use a weighted ball for a series of basic 1-minute exercises that combine strength, cardio, and core challenges.

Heart-pumping intervals of strength, power, resistance, and abs training target your core from all directions. Engage in dynamic and isometric movements using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, bands, gliders, BOSU, and more.

Xtreme Mashup
Fast-paced interval training focusing on high-intensity cardio, resistance, and strength segments to build muscle and cardiovascular strength. Expect high reps and explosive moves using a mix of body weight and equipment (dumbbells, bands, battle and jump ropes, BOSU, and more).

Yoga, Body & Mind
Create a deeper sense of self-awareness and recharge your body-mind connection as you connect breath and physical sensations. Longer holds in postures and healing intentions are features of this practice that may use blocks, straps and bolsters.

Zen Fit
An athletic workout combining high intensity vinyasa yoga with cardio, light weights and core focus. Get the best of both worlds with a challenging workout and a chill mental state.

Zen Flow Yoga
Awaken, recharge and connect your body and brain in this vinyasa flow class using a variety of breathing techniques.

High energy fitness moves come together with dance steps to create a cardio party. Repetitive choreography and interval intensity pair with international music in this easy-to-modify format led with non-verbal cues: the beat is our common language!


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