Jewish Cultural Events

Whether you are looking to be inspired, learn more about Jewish culture, or be entertained – the Katz JCC is the perfect place to attend one of our special cultural events! We are home to a nationally recognized Jewish film festival, and arts & culture festival as well as a destination for prominent Jewish literary, cultural, and political personalities who engage and motivate. All of our events provide you the opportunity to socialize and expand your knowledge.


The Festival of the Katz JCC

Our annual Jewish Film Festival of the Katz JCC is the most ideal way to share our passion for Judaic movies. The big-screen experience provides an irreplaceable pleasure and opportunity to view these films. To learn more about the festival, click HERE.


Save the date: November 1 – 19, 2023


Jay Roberts Festival of Arts, Books, Film, and Culture


The Festival of Arts, Books, Film, and Culture is always a highlight in the Katz JCC’s year.


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