Love & Betrayal: The Story of Benedict Arnold

Instructor: Herb Kaufman

Benedict Arnold was a complicated self-made man who had significant success as an apothecary and a seagoing merchant. He protested against the unfair taxes forced upon the colonies, proclaimed himself an American patriot, and was one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty. He was gravely wounded during the Battle of Saratoga. Within a few years, he became infatuated with, and married Peggy Shippen, made secret overtures to the British, arranged a meeting with Major John Andre, and came close to arranging the capture of George Washington by the British at West Point. This is the truly fascinating life story of how an American military hero who becomes its most infamous traitor.


Date and Time: Monday, January 23, 10:30am-11:30am

Cost: $10 JCC Member, $15 Guest

Link: Register Online


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