Pre-School Programs

Little Waders is designed for preschool-aged children of all skill levels made to accommodate a wide range of abilities. These classes do not include a parent in the water with the child.   


Learn More About the Pre-School Program Levels:

Little Waders: Designed for beginner students with no prior swimming experience or who are scared of the water.

Beginners work on water adjustment and safety skills: breath holding, submerging, floating, and kicking.

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Little DippersDesigned for swimmers who have had prior swimming experience and are comfortable in the water 

To be placed in this class, the student must be able to float on their front and back independently. Your child will work on increasing distance and beginning strokes. 

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Little Paddlers: Designed for students who are able to swim with the rollover for breath, swim independently, and a distance of 10 feet.

Swimmers will focus on the fundamentals of elementary backstroke, freestyle, body rotation, and diving. Children will be introduced to dolphin kick, treading, longer distances, and building endurance. 

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