Special Event – Virtual Therapeutic Art Workshop for Parkinson’s

You will be guided in a project designed to be an emotional check-in and stress reliever. No skills are needed and this event is geared to support emotional regulation and creating neural pathways to greater cognitive learning, while practicing fine motor skills.

Instructor: Judith Murray Smith

Please gather a few collaging supplies prior to our class start time. You’ll need:
1. Heavyweight paper if possible but any paper will work.
2. Acissors (or we can also tear paper).
3. Glue stick (or tape, Elmer’s glue, etc. for adhesive).
4. Random pieces of colored paper, newspaper, greeting cards, flyers, magazines, stickers, photos or anything with pictures or words that you like.


Our instructor, Judith Murray Smith, will give us some directions and prompts for the first half of our class time. The second half she has reserved for us to share our thoughts and ideas as we create.


Questions? Contact Megan Matis at or 856-221-6979 x1151.


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