Yoga, Body & Mind with Amy

JFlow Studio

Create a deeper sense of self-awareness and recharge your body-mind connection as you connect breath and physical sensations. Longer holds...

Body Pump with Rebecca

J360 Studio

Les Mills original barbell class training all body parts choreographed to great music while using light plates and high repetitions...

Pickleball Open Play

Pickleball is a paddle/net sport that combines elements of badminton, and ping pong.

Zen Flow Yoga with Amy

JFlow Studio

Awaken, recharge and connect your mind-body together with a vinyasa flow and use of varying breath techniques.

Sculpt & Tone with Beth

J360 Studio

Fast-paced interval training focusing on high-intensity cardio, resistance and strength segments to build muscle and cardiovascular strength utilizing various equipment...

Pedaling for Parkinson’s with Melanie

This indoor cycling class is specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Research has shown that cardio exercises, like cycling, can...

Aqua Jam with Kathleen

A high-intensity water workout that includes strong cardio and full-body training with resistance equipment. All levels are welcome.

Barre Above with Natalie

Total body workout that will help build a strong core, tone muscles, improve flexibility and mental focus. 

Rock Steady Boxing (Level 2/3) with Melanie

This non-contact boxing program promotes fitness and function in individuals with Parkinson’s. Using exercises adapted from boxing training, members condition...