Cookies, cakes and latkes, oh my! Healthy tips for this holiday season

30 November, 2018

This busy time of year can be very difficult for people trying to stay healthy and keep off those extra holiday pounds.

So what are you to do? Here are some tips for you during the season:

1. Try to establish control
Food is everywhere during the holidays – with most of it being on the less than healthy side. Enjoy the food the season brings us but use portion control as best as you can (with an occasional splurge here and there – you cannot punish yourself).

2. Holiday cheer, but less beer
Whenever possible, lessen the alcohol intake over the holidays. Sugar and calories are abound in many wines, mixed drinks and beer.

3. Be careful at work 
During the holidays, your coworkers will be bringing those sugary baked goods that are always temping. Try keeping those foods out of sight can help decrease your likelihood to eat them. Make a pact with coworkers to go easy on the sweets this holiday season which will limit the amount of temptation that surrounds everybody. Bring in a healthy dish here and there while keeping the sweets to a minimum.

4. To gym or not to gym
This time of the year everybody is running around to find those gifts for someone else. Work sometimes take over as well. Cold weather is not always motivating to go to the gym when you can be in a nice warm home watching Netflix. Now with all of that what are you to do?  Either way you need to find the time to get that exercise routine in and your body will thank you. Seize any opportunity to increase activity, such as taking extra laps around the mall when holiday shopping, park a little further from the mall entrance if you can (in most cases you will have no choice), plan to go to the gym (especially if you have a fitness center close by…maybe at work (hint..hint)) and if stuck at home, try a few push ups and squats. They can be done just about anywhere.

This time of the season may present a challenge as the holidays tend to fall (for the most part) around the same time of the year, but with a little moderation, some good choices and fitting in the fitness, you can enjoy the parties, food and the enjoyment of season without having any serious ‘gelt’.

Happy Holidays!

Gene Bonetti, Katz JCC Fitness Director

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