Facility Update: On Fridays from 5:30-9pm, Sept. 30 – Nov. 4, the basketball gymnasium will be closed for a youth basketball league.

Yom Kippur Hours: On Tuesday, October 4,  the JCC will close at 3pm.
On Wednesday, October 5, the JCC is closed all day.

Health & Wellness

Blood Drive

There’s a blood drive at the J this Thursday, August 5. There’s still room for sign-ups. Join CH East Boys Lacrosse Senior Attackmen Gavin Poulshock as he helps to run the   @SJBlooddrive. https://rcblood.org/2VjPKt0 #everydropcounts #giveblood #savealife #katzjcc

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Emmy's Journey to Parkinson's Connection at the JCC

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in Philadelphia on October 1, 2010. It was almost two years after I had noticed worrying symptoms of a left foot that seemed to be slapping the ground as I walked and a very slight tremor in my left leg. First, I spent a…

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What is holistic health and how can we approach heart health holistically?

by Shelby Kwartler, Katz JCC Certified Wellness Coach Holistic health is a way of thinking about health that considers the whole person – not just their body, but also their mind and spirit. For generations, great leaders and thinkers have considered the relationship between our mental, physical, and spiritual health.…

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New Katz JCC Walking Club Called My Name

By Lisa Simon Nugiel, Katz JCC Member & CEO of SPRYTE Communications. Late last year, as I contemplated my unoccupied public relations agency in Center City and likely at least another year of working from home, like others who have been fortunate to not succumb to the coronavirus, I thought about…

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Why Relying on Motivation May Not Be Enough

by Danielle Bernero, Katz JCC Personal Trainer Its Monday. Your “Day 1” the “Start of the Journey”. You’re SO pumped, you’re drinking water all day long, your meals are prepped for the day, you hit the gym HARD. This lasts for what… Four days? …Maybe? By then you’re burnt out.…

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Get SMARTT in 2020

by Gene Bonetti, Katz JCC Fitness Director  Each new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start for a new you.  The areas of exercise and wellness are no exception. The new year begins your vision to commit to a healthier lifestyle and is the time that New Year’s resolutions are…

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Running for a Purpose: Team Run for Cancer Connection

by Liz Curran, Katz JCC Wellness Lifestyle Coach and JCC Member Julie Calem Did you know the Katz JCC has a fitness and wellness program specifically designed for cancer patients and those in recovery called Cancer Connection? This program provides one-on-one and small group yoga and personalized training specifically catered…

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Healthy Back to School Snacks

by Stephanie Jacovini, NDTR, Katz JCC Certified Nutritionist It’s back to school time! That means school lunches and after school snacks. Many parents ask, how do they keep kids healthy and get out the door each morning? The key is – be prepared! Shop with a purpose and have a…

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Every Step You Take…to the Jerusalem Marathon

By Stephanie Dworkin, JCC Marketing Director According to the Talmud, every 4 steps you take in Israel is a mitzvah (good deed).  This means for Rabbi Ephraim Epstein of Sons of Israel in Cherry Hill, a major mitzvah is on the horizon, as he prepares to run the Jerusalem Half…

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What is a Wellness Lifestyle Coach anyway?

by Liz Curran, Katz JCC’s Wellness Lifestyle Coach I often get asked the question, what is a Wellness Lifestyle Coach and how do I know if I am ready to work with one? Do any of these situations sound familiar… Have you struggled with weight challenges, your energy level, and overall…

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