Pheel the Love at the Festival of ABC

17 October, 2017

by Evan Marcus, Co-Founder, DillonMarcus and Co-Author, Pheel the Love!

My plan was to be a Rabbi.  In that role, speaking about love would be a natural. But God had another plan.

I left Rabbinical school after 3.5 years and my path led me to starting a consulting business with my wife Tara, focused on helping executive teams function at a world-class level.

Little did I expect that a chance meeting would put me in partnership with a good Catholic boy (who is a real mensch) running around in a giant green bird costume.

When the Phillie Phanatic showed up in our life, we knew there was something special here.  It did not take us long to realize what his secret sauce was – it was…love.

Then the lightbulb went off.  What company wouldn’t want their customers and team members to love them with the same passion and zeal that fans have for the Phanatic?  What could be a greater achievement?  We asked ourselves the same question about families, schools and police departments.  These questions led us to writing Pheel the Love, How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies – Phillie Phanatic Style! 

Our book is about how to create more Phanatic-style love in all areas of life.  The stories, our seven principles and many real life examples show us how to love in practical, meaningful and inspiring ways.

Please come out and Pheel the Love! at the Katz JCC’s Bank of America Festival of Arts, Books and Culture.  Tom Burgoyne (the Phillie Phanatic’s “Best Friend”) and I will be speaking on Sunday November 5 at 1 pm sharing back-stage Phanatic stories that have business relevance.

We’ve heard rumors that the Phanatic might make an appearance prior to then.

My family are long-time members of the JCC.  You can often find me swimming there at 5:30 am.  The JCC’s tag-line, “You Belong Here” is an expression of love too.   One that would certainly receive the Phanatic’s approval!



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