Dance with Me – Caregiver/Child Class

This creative movement dance class will encourage kids and their caregivers to move and groove. Both will enjoy exercise while being introduced to a variety of dance styles. By using catchy tunes, kids and caregivers have the opportunity to let loose and express themselves freely through dance. Students will be hopping, skipping, jumping, and sashaying throughout the space.

The class will consist of a warmup followed by a new step taught each week. The steps taught in class are pulled from ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop dance and will be inspired by a different theme each week. We will also read a short book related to the theme. Both caretakers and kids will be encouraged to dance and participate in the class. This is a wonderful opportunity for young children to socialize with other kids. Please note, this class can be modified to accommodate physical differences.

Open to children, ages 2-4

$80/JCC Full Facility Members, $100/JCC Basic Members & Guests

Richard M. Klein Center for Wellness / Instructor: Amanda Fruchter


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