Are you a Resolutioner?

3 January, 2018

By Gene Bonetti, Health & Wellness Center Director

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when people who have not visited the gym for some time, look in the mirror after the holiday season and say, “I really need to get back to the gym”.  Working out and getting healthy becomes their top New Year’s resolution.

Statistics show that less than half of people who make a “resolution” stick with it. Truthfully, it’s better to make a commitment than a resolution. Fitness and wellness is vital and our bodies require daily movement to keep it functioning and exercising.  Like a car, it needs gas to run. We need our fuel (food) but our body also functions more smoothly when we exercise consistently.

To some, the gym looks like a dumbbell-littered battlefield where only the most patient and driven survive.  Here is a helpful hint – if you’re new to the fitness center or intimidated by veterans to the gym, I recommend speaking with one of our wonderful certified personal trainers.  Ask us questions.  We are here to assist you. We can design a program specifically for you.  While working with a trainer is not only helpful, it is motivating and takes the guessing game out of, “What do I do now?”   You’re not left in the lonely wilderness of the fitness center, but made to feel like, “I have my trainer and I’m on my way!”  Don’t be shy – just ask us for help!

A crowded fitness center can be chaotic to some at the start of each new year, but we all have to remember that we’re here for a reason and vets should lead with compassion, not frustration. We would like everybody to be courteous, efficient, kind, and understanding towards each other in this adult fitness playground.  Let’s be honest, there are worst things in the world than a crowded gym!

I welcome all our members, vets, newbies and resolutioners to our facility.  The challenge is to “commit to be fit” and we actually have a program starting on January 15th with the same name! You can contact me in the fitness center for more details about that program.  Committing to be fit is not an easy task, but a doable task!

I wish you a Happy and of course – a Healthy – New Year!

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