The ABCs of ABC, Junior

27 March, 2017

By: Sabrina Spector, Cultural Director

It’s so much fun to watch your kids learn when they don’t even know they’re doing it, or the joy of watching your children create something and the pleasure they have in making it.   It’s definitely one of the many joys in parenthood.

This year, we are so excited to combine a series of learning opportunities into one great big event, Fun day at the J, taking place this Sunday, April 2. We’ve got something for every age; enjoy a discussion with an acclaimed author, register your kids take a fantastic hands-on class at ABC Junior or attend the screening of the next Oscar winning director at the first Jewish Youth Film Festival!

When we planned ABC Junior, we wanted to offer a unique array of classes that would tap into every child’s interest.  The cooking and baking is always a hit – who doesn’t want to learn how to decorate cookies and eat frosting at the same time?  Perhaps your kids will learn some new cooking tricks from our Early Childhood chef, Heather Wendell, and cook your next family meal!

For our active kids, we have Karate and Yoga.  It’s all about focusing, self-control and best of all, they don’t know they are learning the foundations of keeping it together.  Our little scientists can discover robotics, space, and even let their competitive side out in fun engineering challenges.

Local author Lori Miller will entertain the little ones with story time and then teach the older kids how to be reporters by looking out their window to find a great story.  ABC Junior wouldn’t be a true cultural event without some art.  Traditional art lovers can learn more with a canvas painting class while technology based kids can create their own music video on their own digital device.

While the kids are having fun, parents can kvell and kvetch with Dr. Maurice Elias, when he talks about his book, The Joys and Oys of Parenthood.  Who couldn’t use a little support from an expert when you have kids?

Wrap up the day when we showcase the incredible talents and creativity of our kids at the first Jewish Youth Film Festival.  Who knows, you might be in the presence of a future award-winning filmmaker!

As a parent, I love having my kids do this stuff.  As a professional, I love having your kids join mine.  Bring your family to have some fun with my family. Register and learn more about our Family Fun Day at the J with activities starting at 10:30am on Sunday, March 2.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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