JSquad Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Train on our new turf with a small group of 3 to 8 people, which is an affordable, engaging, and fun way to work out with a personal trainer. Our new turf area is equipped with kettlebells, TRX suspension training straps, battle ropes, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, landmines, and more. Using this equipment, body weight resistance, and sheer determination, you will get the edge you need to succeed. We offer a variety of six-week training classes.

Pricing for 4-Week Session Per Class Type

Members: $69

Non-Members: $89

Class Types 

Ignite: Cardio/HIIT

Get ready to sweat and torch calories with our high-energy cardio and HIIT workouts. Ignite your metabolism and push your limits in a supportive group setting.

Conquer: Strength/Functional Fitness

Strengthen your body and improve functional movement with our Conquer class. Challenge yourself with a mix of strength training exercises tailored to enhance your everyday performance.

Renew: Foundations/Beginner

Start your fitness journey with Renew, our beginner-friendly class focusing on building a solid foundation. Learn proper techniques and gain confidence as you embark on your path to wellness.

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