Through healthcare provider-based referrals and guided exercise, JWellFit tracks are designed to help you improve your level of physical activity and feel comfortable as well as confident about fitness. Our JWellFit program is led by personal trainers, who specialize in medical fitness. They have expertise in assisting people who manage chronic or multiple medical conditions and those who need additional support. Ask your provider if a referral to JWellFit is right for you.


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Tracks Includes

Cancer Fit, Cardiac Fit, Diabetes Fit, Fit for Surgery, Functional Fit, Orthopedic Fit, Pulmonary Fit, Transitional Care, Weight Management

Track Descriptions:

Cancer Fit: Guides movement to help reduce fatigue while improving muscle function and range of motion.

Cardiac Fit: Delivers guidance to help reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, gain strength, and increase endurance.

Diabetes Fit: Encourages management of prediabetes and type 1 and type 2 diabetes by balancing physical activity levels and promoting health.

Fit for Surgery: Helps build muscular strength and endurance prior to surgery to aid in recovery.

Orthopedic Fit: Encourages strength training in targeted muscle groups after physical therapy.

Pulmonary Fit: Develop specialized plans to help improve breathing capabilities, muscle function, and exercise tolerance.

Osteo Fit: Helps in the management and reduction of symptoms of osteoporosis and osteopenia

Transitional Care: Provide motivation to help improve stamina and health-related issues due to an inactive lifestyle.

Weight Management: Encourages realistic goal setting for healthy weight and helps develop physical activity habits.

Get Started on Your 8-Week Track

1. Obtain a physician referral

2. Schedule an assessment

3. Select your track

4. Sign up for our 8-week program

5. Get an assessment and start your customized exercise plan


Robyn Kade, MS, CPT

Marjie Zimmerman, BS, CETI, MES

Adam Kaminski, BA, CPT

Paige Kondrack, BS, CPT, EP

For more information or to schedule your JWellFit assessment, contact: Rachel Hahn, Personal Trainer Coordinator rhahn@jfedsnj.org or (856) 424-4444 ext. 1149




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