What’s Cooking? The Betty Mulberg Memorial Culinary Arts Program at the Katz JCC

by Sharon Siegel, Katz JCC Adult Life Long Learning Program Director

If you think you can’t cook while laughing hysterically…think again and take a cooking class through our brand new Betty Mulberg Memorial Culinary Arts Program at the Katz JCC. A sure fire memorable, educational and delicious night out!

This past May we launched this program which honors the memory of a fantastic Jewish cook—Betty Mulberg. Taught by professional chef instructors, this culinary arts program melds kosher cooking, healthy recipes and the latest cooking techniques. Each class is coordinated with a Jewish holiday and features a full menu of dishes you will prepare and taste in addition to a wine pairing.

In August, adult students enjoyed a hands-on couples cooking class featuring a vegan menu inspired by Tu B’Av, the Jewish Day of Love.

The Betty Mulberg Memorial Culinary Arts Program is not just for adults.  We will have an intergenerational baking class for Rosh Hashanah on Sunday, September 22, from 2 to 4pm, taught by Personal Chef Jerzy Gonzalez-Arroyo. Chef Jerzy, who has been featured on WPVI Philadelphia (6 ABC), will lead children, parents and grandparents in our Family Activity Center.  This new class  is ideal for children 5 years old and older. The menu will include delicious Jewish apple cupcakes, pull-apart challahs and honey apple mini bundt cakes.  (Space is limited and you can register HERE by September 18).

During our 2019-2020 program year, our JCC Nutritionist, Stephanie Jacovini, will be working with the Spirit special needs young adults in our ACHaD program to create healthy meals. Unique cooking programs for Chanukkah, Puriim, Passover and Shavuot are also in the works.

This program might have been inspired by a Jewish mother and grandma but this “ain’t” your mother’s or grandma’s heavy Jewish cooking. Join us for kosher Jewish cooking done light and right!

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