The New Sprint 8 Offering Maximum Results in Minimum Time

4 October, 2018

By Gene Bonetti, Health & Wellness Fitness Center Director

Give us just 20 minutes. That is theme behind the JCC’s newest fitness offering, Sprint 8! 

But what exactly is Sprint 8? It’s the workout that can change your life. It is an optimized intensity-based training program that allows you to build muscle and burn fat more quickly and effectively. There is no magic fitness pill, but I can tell you that Sprint 8 when done properly (and having an effective eating plan) the results will show!

Sprint 8 triggers growth hormone activity to burn fat and build lean muscle faster than traditional exercise. It’s a 20 minute workout consisting of a warm up of 30 seconds of sprinting followed by a 90 second recovery, and we do this 8 times before we cool down for the final 3 minutes! That’s it….

The Sprint 8 workout is pre-programmed on the five pieces of equipment provided in the fitness center:  three Matrix ascent trainers, which is an elliptical motion machine, and two Matrix bikes (one recumbent/one upright) to accommodate participants who many be more comfortable exercising on a bike. Your progress is tracked throughout your workout as well. 

We will be hosting two varying programs for the Sprint 8 program this fall. The Sprint 8 Weight Loss program is a 6 week program that includes pre and post fitness assessments / 3 classes per week as well as 3 consultations with our JCC registered dietitian.  

We will also be hosting Sprint 8 Express, which is also a recommended 3 day a week program that is a more streamlined workout for those who have limited exercise time.

For those who say, “I wouldn’t want to pay for a cardio machine workout that I can do on my own” this is no ordinary workout. There is a science to it and working out in a small group format with an instructor will not only motivate you more than a typical cardio workout, but by effectively preforming the Sprint 8 protocol, the benefits will show in less than 8 weeks.

Both Sprint 8 programs begin on October 7th and space is limited in each class. To sign up for either program, please contact the Health & Wellness Control Desk at 856-424-4444 x1150.

For more information about Sprint 8, including free demo classes, please contact Gene Bonetti x1141 or or Jayne Miller-Morgan x1140 or

Enter the Matrix of Sprint 8 and see what all the talk is about!

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