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3 April, 2017

By: Allyson Mitidieri, Katz JCC Nutritionist

Turn a page in a magazine, change the TV channel, or listen to a friend’s conversation, and what do you read, see, and hear? The next diet craze that “actually works”, what is healthy and what is not, and other information on how you should be eating to live past 100. Food and nutrition topics are everywhere in our daily lives. A quick internet search on any food-and-nutrition-related topic will spit back millions of contradictory articles, blog posts, and opinions. Sifting through to find accurate information can create more questions than offer answers. Where do we begin? How do we know what a credible source looks like? Sometimes, the first three results become the extent of our knowledge; this can lead us to believe potentially false information.

Nutrition does not have to be so confusing. If you are ready to take your next steps on a journey to good health, the best way that you can do this is by knowing the facts. There is no need to do a fruitless internet search for contradicting information. This is the purpose of the JPlate program here at the JCC. This program covers the most important nutrition topics for a basic healthy lifestyle, removing any time-consuming and confusing research from your quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Topics to be covered include:

“Changing Your Course” (April 30th and May 3rd): How to take the first steps towards lifestyle changes

“Fuel Your Body”(May 7th and 10th): Learn how to personalize your own nutritional needs

“Portion Control”(May 20th and 24th): Choosing the right serving sizes for each individual food group

“Label Me Up”(June 4th and 7th): How to read a food label front to back

“Heart Health” (June 11th and 14th):  Everything that you need to know about healthy eating for heart disease prevention and management

“Hydration”(June 25th and 28th): Reasons behind why it is so important to hydrate and tips on how much fluid we actually need

If you are just interested in learning more about the real facts of nutrition, JPlate might be the program for you!

On the other hand, weight loss might be your overarching goal, and while nutrition is a very large part of the weight loss equation, exercise and a good support system are important factors as well. The Jumpstart program at JCC might be the place for you to turn. Trainer and group exercise instructor, Stacey Macaluso, and I lead groups of 3-10 participants on the path to weight loss and lifestyle change. We will focus on whole-body health, encouraging you to face your own challenges and to make changes for the better. Included in the six week Jumpstart program are four small group exercise class offerings a week exclusive only to Jumpstart participants, the first of the three nutrition workshops that are offered in the JPlate program, a full fitness assessment at the beginning and end of the program, weekly individual weigh-ins and accountability meetings, daily accountability emails, and ongoing support from your leaders and fellow participants. The Jumpstart Program starts on April 23rd.

Why try to do this on your own? Here at the JCC, you have the option to lean on your community for support. It is time for you to take the next step towards your health goals!

For questions about either the JPLate program or the Jumpstart program, or for questions on individual nutrition counseling packages, please contact Allyson Mitidieri at or 856-424-4444 x 1236. You can sign up for any of these programs at Health & Wellness Control Desk!

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