Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Counseling & Classes

You are what you eat and a without the proper nutrition game plan, your fitness efforts only tackle half the battle. The JCC nutrition program can provide you with the personalized information and tools you need to help sort the challenges of food, stress, exercise and proper balance on how to maintain a healthy weight.

Our JCC Registered Dietitian Nutritionist understands first-hand that a healthy diet plays an important role in achieving health and fitness goals.

The Katz JCC offers small group and one-on-one programs such as:

We also offer a variety of Nutrition Workshops:

For more information, contact Jayne Miller-Morgan, Assistant Fitness Director, at [email protected].

NEW  Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

Meet Liz Curran, CHHC

Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Liz Curran, can help you refocus your mindset on food, exercise and sleep to make changes in your mind, body and overall health. Bring awareness to how your food choices are connected to your physical and emotional health. Overcome obstacles and uncover the missing link in achieving your goals to get results that last!

Whether you are seeking to lose weight, struggling with a dietary change or hitting obstacles in your diet that limit your progress, Liz will help you implement small lifestyle changes that will get you back on track.

Liz will work with you to identify your ideal food choices to support your optimum health.

For questions or to learn more, contact Liz Curran, Wellness Lifestyle Coach, at 856-424-4444 x1236 or [email protected].

“Liz is passionate, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental in her approach. Somehow she managed to provide me with the necessary nutrition information without making me feel guilty or judged in any way. Along with Liz’s accountability, it was up to me to navigate what worked and what didn’t. I was always in the driver’s seat and it empowered me to be successful after I completed my program.”

“Thanks to Liz for helping me see myself in a whole new way. With her help and guidance, I’ve broken through a major emotional barrier and can say and believe things about myself like “I’m worthy of the best for me”. I’ve cleared out a major amount of emotional baggage that I was carrying around that was holding me back. Now, I can see wonderful possibilities for myself very clearly.”