Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

The JCC nutrition and health & wellness lifestyle programs can provide you with the personalized information and tools you need to help sort the challenges of food, stress, exercise and proper balance on how to maintain a healthy weight and wellbeing.

Nutrition Counseling

Meet Stephanie Jacovini, NDTR

Meet Stephanie Jacovini, NDTR

Stephanie Jacovini, the Katz JCC’s Nutritionist/Dietetic Technician Registered (NDTR) and certified health coach is here to help you navigate the confusing nutritional world. Clients seek her guidance to help translate the complex nutritional world of dietary health challenges. Working with Stephanie, you will build your base knowledge into a lifestyle you and your family can enjoy. Your personalized nutritional counseling will help you connect food with health as an integral part of your everyday life. She will work with you to make long-term and sustainable changes in your nutritional lifestyle.

Nutrition sessions are currently occurring virtually.

Stephanie’s philosophy is empowerment brings the biggest changes. Let her guide you on your nutritional journey.

The Katz JCC offers one-on-one programs such as:

For more information, contact Stephanie Jacovini at or 856-424-4444 x3054