Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

The JCC nutrition and health & wellness lifestyle programs can provide you with the personalized information and tools you need to help sort the challenges of food, stress, exercise and proper balance on how to maintain a healthy weight and wellbeing.

Nutrition Counseling

If you are struggling with a medical diagnosis that requires a dietary change, our Certified Nutritionist Stephanie Jacovini can help design nutrition plans that will guide you to achieve

Meet Stephanie Jacovini, NDTR

your health goals. Stephanie will translate the complex nutrition world into a lifestyle you and your family can enjoy. Realistic goals to connect food with health is an integral part of her personalized nutrition plans.

Stephanie’s philosophy is empowerment brings the biggest changes. Let her guide you on your nutritional journey.

The Katz JCC offers small group and one-on-one programs such as:

For more information, contact Stephanie Jacovini at [email protected] or 856-424-4444 x3054


Shelby Kwartler – Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

If you are seeking to make changes in your health and well-being that are sustainable and that you feel aligned with, our Health & Wellness Coach Shelby Listokin Kwartler will help you create a custom action plan to get a holistic view of your health, break through barriers and move you towards your goals.

Shelby uses positive psychology and strengths-based mindfulness to assist you in building workable steps towards change into your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for help with sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress, or relationships, Shelby can help you become intentional about your wellness journey. Shelby is a certified National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and received her training from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She provides a non-judgmental and open space for clients to explore their motivations for change and strives to empower them through individualized programs. She believes that you are the expert of your own health, and employs a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit.

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