JWaves Kids

JWaves Kids consists of five levels that help your child gain confidence in the water and evolve into a great swimmer. 


Learn More About JWaves Kids Program Levels:

JWaves 1: For students with no prior swimming experience or who have fears of the water

Level 1 students are introduced to the aquatic environment while introduced to skills that lead to independent, forward profession in the water.  Lessons include a combination of games and drills and students practice breath holding, submerging, floating, and kicking.

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JWaves 2: For students who are comfortable and independent in the water 

To be placed in Level 2,students must be able to float on their front and back, swim independently, and swim a distance of 10 feet. Focuses on independence and distance swimming

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JWaves 3: Build on skills learned in Level 2

To be placed in Level 3, students must be able to swim distances of at least 20-30 ft and be comfortable with independent elementary backstroke. Introduces students to beginner freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. 

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JWaves 4: Designed for swimmers who are able to swim a basic freestyle with side breathing and backstroke 

The main focus is to refine freestyle with rotary breathing, refining backstroke, endurance, treading, standing dives, and introduction to breaststroke.

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JWaves 5: Designed for advanced swimmers who want to prepare for stroke and turn and pre-team swimming

Endurance and technique are the main focus in Level 5. Fundamentals of butterfly will be introduced while learning turns and diving


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